Who we are?

How Mister Job was born

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Born from the idea of ​​two managers, entrepreneurs from Southern Italy, Mister Job is a generalist employment agency that operates in various fields: from logistics to infrastructure, from transport to catering, from clothing to industry. It operates throughout the Italian territory but with development plans also in other European countries. Mister Job operates in the field of temporary work, research and selection of personnel. It speaks both with companies looking for professionals and with individual workers who want to enhance their skills in the job market. The intent is to be a point of reference in an often confusing and uncertain environment, a guarantee of quality, both with respect to the efficiency of the services offered and the seriousness and reliability of the interlocutors: companies and professionals. Since its foundation, Mister Job's goal has been to combine "the best with the best": we want to contribute to the creation of a dynamic but solid job market, addressing only those who recognize the value of work and want to get the most out of it by their own and others' professionalism.

Our focus

  • Transversal skills

    Mister Job operates in very different fields, this has allowed us to acquire extremely transversal skills.
  • Technology and experiences

    We use advanced technological systems but we never forget the human factor in the evaluation of skills.
  • Entrepreneurial vision

    The founders of Mister Job are long-time entrepreneurs: this allows us to fully understand the needs of businesses.
  • Flexibility of services

    We do not only provide standard services, but we build tailor-made consulting paths for companies.
  • Listening and training

    We believe that people's professional growth develops thanks to training courses and targeted guidance.
  • From South to North

    Our group operates in Italy and Europe but we have founded Mister Job with a keen eye on the South.