Our Mission

What is the reason that let us to choose this path?

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Mister Job is an agency for generalist work born from people, for people. A job is much more than simply work: it is professionalism, talent, realization of projects, personal satisfaction, opportunity for growth, it is our dignity. We wish that the concept of work also resonates for others, a deeper meaning, that it goes beyond mere economic gain. There is a right job for every person and a right person for every job, we do our best to connect these realities. We know that in a historical moment such as this, where the job market is precarious and unstable, feelings of uncertainty, fear, and suspicion dominate can affect both parties. Fear of wasting time with unreliable people and worried of not being able to find the professional suited for yourself or your business. So we decided to start from here, addressing those who share our values to rediscover a new dimension of work, more authentic, dynamic, flexible, qualitatively reliable, productive, and profitable.