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Not all workers are equally skilled. Mister Job will help you in selecting who it can be an asset and a resource for your company. We will choose the most qualified candidates who possess the appropriate requirements, without wasting either party’s time.


Mister job will take care of the entire stage of search and selection of personnel through a personalized service of recruiting consulting. The aim is to identify the right resource for your business, assessing its competence, aspiration, and integrating their capacity within the organization.


In staff leasing ,both short and long term, Mister Job meets the needs of flexibility of customers companies.  Companies will no longer have to worry about the search for personnel and all the bureaucratic procedures related to the activation of employment contracts and its management.


The experience and skills of our staff, from the search and selection of new figures, to the analysis of the internal work and related payment. This will allow us to define together with our customers, HR projects to optimize the work of internal professional figures.


Mister Job, authorized and in close collaboration with the National Agency for Active Job Policies (Anpal),it is committed to developing intervention plans with the aim of enhancing the synergies between public and private actors and strengthen the ability to meet demand and job offer.